Hello, I'm Michael Gallegly,
and I'm a UX Strategist & Designer in Chicago, IL.

As a UX professional, I bring a holistic approach to making and improving digital experiences, combining strategic thinking, creativity, collaboration, and empathy to ensure successful user engagement. Throughout my career I've used these skills to to help solve problems and design solutions for websites, applications, content experiences, and more. No matter the project, one constant remains - I help clients transform their digital presence.

I’ve been complemented for my love of diving into nascent projects and figuring out what's needed to develop effective and embraceable design strategies. In all engagements I understand that  success involves understanding a client's business goals like they're my own, establishing a collaborative rapport with stakeholders, assessing users' needs, and determining the time, resources, and budgets needed to bring a great idea to life.

I'm currently available for full-time, contract, or freelance opportunities to help businesses, start-ups, and individuals. Looking for someone like me? Get in touch.

Project Highlights

Prescryptive Healthcare - Website Redesign

GE Healthcare - Oncology Content Experience

Associations Now - Website Redesign

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