Michael Gallegly - Portfolio

Allstate Insurance - Preference Center

A full redesign and redevelopment of an application used by call center agents to manage customer preferences and contact information.


The Allstate Preference Center project involved a full redesign of an internal application used by call center employees and agents to view and update communication and billing preferences for customers.

Simplicity was a major factor in our redesign, and the new application made use of newly established UI patterns, and a visual language that would eventually make it’s way to other key internal applications.

I worked closely with business analysts to research and uncover issues with the existing applications, create user flows and high-fidelity wireframes, limited involvement from a visual design team to produce the final product. We regularly tested interactive prototypes with users, helping us refine our direction and ensure success upon launch.

Responsibilities & Tasks

  • Collaborated with business analysts and product owners to understand issues with the legacy application, and to design our new solution
  • Designed high-fidelity wireframes and prototypes, with significant conceptual design efforts to arrive at our solution
  • Created complex user flows identifying numerous systems that fed into and out of the application
  • Leveraged newly created Allstate UI kits and pattern libraries to ensure consistency with other applications.
  • UX deliverables including user flows, conceptual wireframes, and functional wireframes

User Flows

Users flows were created and used extensively to evaluate the variety of ways agents can navigate the application and individual quotes, helping us reduce complexity and provide logical pathways to key tasks they must complete.

This user flow identifies the variety of features in the application, and the task flow within them.
This user flow identifies how users handle different scenarios for customer enrollment in the MyAccount service.

Application Wireframes

This page shows the full height of the application, offering users the ability to manage a variety of key preferences for customer accounts.
As users click into preferences, they immediately come into focus to prevent distraction from other features.