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Allstate Insurance - Multi-Product Quoting

A reinvention of the product purchase flow that allows customers to quote multiple products at once, saving time and aiding cross-sell opportunities.


The Allstate Shopping Cart project represents the culmination of 2+ years of work with the Manifest UX team to modernize online purchasing of insurance products. Historically, Allstate and other large insurance companies have only allowed customers to quote a single product at a time, often requiring duplicative content entry if the customer returns in the future to quote an additional product.

With a younger generation coming-of-age, buying homes, cars, and starting families, Allstate sought to help new and existing customers understand their full range of insurance needs with a fresh, engaging, and intuitive responsive website.

On the site, customers are greeted with a vibrant, friendly design filled with animations and micro-interactions. Regional illustrations, such as mountains, skylines, and coasts display depending on where a customer is located. Progressive disclosure of form fields, coupled with progress indicators and micro-interactions limit the feeling that users are being inundated with required information. In short, it’s a radically different way for Allstate to engage with customers that will serve them well for years to come.

Responsibilities & Tasks

  • Conceptual UX and UI design
  • Extensive creation of prototypes in Axure, Sketch, and Invision
  • Scenario planning for testing sessions
  • User testing oversight and observation
  • Requirements definition
  • Iterative design during eight month agile schedule
  • Collaboration with 10+ person team of UX designers, engineers, creatives, and product owners
  • Working within a defined pattern library aligned with Allstate's brand style guide and accessibility guidelines

What is Multi-Product Quoting?

  • A responsive online tool that streamlines how customers purchase insurance across all of Allstate's product lines.
  • A response to a changing industry with new and evolving competitors that brings an intuitive and fresh visual style to insurance quoting.
  • An opportunity to offer bundled deals on products that helps customers save money.
  • An attempt to unlock a more modern feel for an enterprise offering.

What Were Competitors Doing Differently?

  • Progressive - offer pseudo-bundling, but nowhere near as advanced as what we had in mind for this project
  • Geico - recently rebranded to be more accessible, using new technology like chatbots, responsive design, and a playful and conversational design language.
  • Lemonade - a newer competitor within limited markets that offers a fresh approach to the user experience.
  • Insurify - another new competitor utilizing modern design principles for a simplified workflow with a startup feel.

Previous Site

Initial Quote Screen
Add a Vehicle Page
Driver History Page

New Site - Wireframes

Change Agent Page - Responsive Views
Early explorations on how to design a customer's protection profile page
Early explorations on how to design a customer's protection profile page
Mobile designs for pages in which users can manage various policy coverages
Quote Page, consisting of all key details about a quote for one or more policies
Explorations on how to reflect combinations of quote changes for multiple products
Complex page showing protection plan details for seasonally billed products, and a Why Allstate section where users can browse promotional information about other Allstate services